Cussing Miss Daisy

November 7, 2013 0

Jason Brooks wrote recently of a “Vicious Old Person” whose foul-mouthery belied her “sweet old granny” appearance. In addition to using racial slurs, she also dropped an f-bomb or two, all said conspiritorially to Jason […]

Whine Country

November 5, 2013 0

I know I shouldn’t complain. I know enough people suffering from real illness to know that this Martian Death Flu (aka Pneumonia) I’m fighting is just a blip on the radar. I know my marital […]

Who Let the dogs out?

October 23, 2013 0

Spring is here, Love is in the air.  What does this mean in the world of animals? If you own a pet that has not been fixed it means your pet may run off and […]

Welcome to Monroe Local

October 20, 2013 0

  This is what we like to call a “soft opening,” but we will be bringing you up-to-the minute news from here on out. With the help of your input, we will be tweaking the site […]


October 19, 2013 2

I’ll bet you think you know what a chicken is, don’t you? It’s that thing with feathers and the weird red thing underneath its chin and on the top of its head. It lays eggs, […]

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