Half the way home – the heart of rescue

If you are on facebook you must of seen at one point or another kittens and cats either from a animal shelter post or a friend begging for help that has found one or two or more.  There are so many it seems a endless hopeless cycle.

I recently found myself stuck in that cycle when 2 neighborhood stray cats gave birth hours apart in my garage.  I did know how I was going to get help for 2 litters of kittens let alone the momma cats.   My goal was to get the kittens to a rescue so that they could have a good life.  I also needed help to have the momma cats fixed and returned to the neighborhood.  I must of sent out 50 emails with no response or got a response of “we are full”.  I felt hopeless to help 10 kittens and 2 momma cats until I found Half the way home rescue.  They committed to helping me and followed thrugh til the end.  When the kittens turned 8 weeks old they came to me  in my own home prepared them for rescue before leaving here with them and one of the momma cats.  It was a beautiful process watching each one get weighed to recieve much needed medications and vaccines.  They are truly dedicated to making a difference and have kept in constant contact with me for updates knowing how much I care for these beautiful babies.  I never expected to make a difference alone but I also never expected to have gained a team of truly dedicated feline lovers that take on even the cats and kittens that are medically challenged.  With their help I not only helped these beauitful cats but I also helped my own community that has already a large feral colony.  I am truly grateful for their helping me.




Many have a misconception that rescues make money.  Well they have  an adoption fee so they are making alot of money? Right? Wrong!.  They vet each animal, what does that mean? In most cases it means they give dewormer medication, flea treatment,give all vaccinations, and spay or neuter the pet.  There are also the cases like “Janie” more often than not.  Janie is a senior cat found by a good samaritan.  She was severly underweight,dehydrated,and suffering from flea dermattis.  Half the home has stepped up again and has been giving her all her medical treatment and lots of TLC.

They say its an art to have something you are good at doing, well this is a matter of heart! They need the community’s help to keep helping cats and kittens.  If you wish to learn more about Half the way home rescue or to donate so they may continue to help us help cats please go to www.halfthewayhome.org/ and donate, foster or  adopt today!!!

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