A mission of puppy love


I recently was brought together by the magic of facebook with Rocy O’Keef.  Her daughter is on mission in the Domican republic and has met one of the locals that has a 3 legged puppy that they do not want.  Luna, as they are now calling her(Luna is spanish for moon) is a sweet sweet girl that I have joined together in trying to bring back here to the United States.  After learning from amazing organizations that aid with this kind of situation, that the Domican Republic is a country that they can not aid us in bringing her home we have teamed together with a plan.  Our plan is actually not only help Luna but the mission young lady that has offered to to fly with her back here.  She is from Atlanta and does not have the money to fly back to see her family.  We would like to buy tickets for her to travel with Luna as soon as possible.  If you wish to help our cause a local rescue is taking donations for the tickets and medical expenses for Luna to make it here to the United States.  Any donation is a step closer, Please help bring Luna to Georgia by donating at www.castoffpetrescue.org and note Luna’s name in the reference area.  Thank you!!!!

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