Update from under the Gold Dome from Rep. Brett Harrell

By Rep. Brett Harrell

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Committees meeting daily
Committees are actively meeting and considering legislation. Members of the House and Senate have introduced over 2,000 bills and resolutions during our first two weeks of this Session. By agreement, the 2017 Session of the Georgia General Assembly will end on March 30, 2017.
The House streams most meetings live and you will find a broadcast schedule here.

House Committee Meetings

Senate Committee Meetings

No Fees on My Tax Bill
Taxes and only taxes should appear on your property tax bill
I introduced HB 204 this week that would prohibitlocal governments including Gwinnett County and its’ cities from using your home as leverage to collect tack-on fees. I am pleased to report that both the Chairman of the House Appropriations and Ways & Means Committees as well as nearly eighty other House members have joined as co-signers.
By including tack-on fees such as garbage and stormwater on your property tax bill, local governments (including Gwinnett County and the City of Snellville) needlessly put your home at risk of lien, increase your monthly mortgage payment, encourage the filing of erroneous income tax returns, and reduce your freedom and ability to make decisions for your own family.
Let me hear from you
We return to the Capitol on Tuesday, February 7 and get back to work inspired by our Super Bowl Atlanta Falcons to ensure Georgia remains a state where all may Rise Up!
As always, I remain appreciative that you allow me to serve as your state Representative. I encourage you to contact me with any comments or questions you have about the legislation being considered at your state Capitol.
613-D Coverdell Legislative Office Building
Atlanta, GA 30334


Thanks again for allowing me to serve,
 Brett Harrell
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