Grayson High School seeks new address outside Loganville

Ever since Grayson High School opened with a Loganville address, it has irked many of the people from the Grayson community, especially those who attend the school. With this year’s state football championship win by GHS, there is a concerted effort by some Grayson officials to finally get the school a Grayson address. It won’t be within the Grayson City Limits, but at least with any announcement of a future state championship, the dateline will begin with Grayson, GA instead of Loganville, GA.

Grayson Mayor Allison Wilkerson said it is not a new movement, however, and there have been efforts to try to change the address since the school first opened.

“It was actually started in 2000 when GHS reopened. My father was mayor and at the community meeting where (GHS football) Coach Mickey Conn was introduced, Dad told the crowd he was going to begin the campaign to change the address,” Wilkerson said. “John Linder was our Congressman and it never worked. At the beginning of 2016, (GHS principal Dana) Pugh, Coach Conn, myself and a local businessman sat down with Derick  Corbett from Rob Woodall’s office and we asked for their help with the change.”

The change would require mail being delivered from the Grayson Post Office instead of the Loganville Post Office to Grayson High School as well as some of the businesses and homes between the unincorporated Gwinnett area of Grayson and GHS. Wilkerson said since the recent announcement of GHS’s state championship win, the United States Postal Service has sent out surveys to the residents of the Oak Grove subdivision and the Grayson Village shopping center.

“We have to have 50 percent of them returned with a positive response for the change.  This is the first and easiest option,” Wilkerson said. “Unfortunately, the surveys were mailed the week of Christmas with no prior notice. Charlie Conn and I knocked on all of the doors and we received positive responses. The surveys are due back the first week of January.”

Wilkerson said not only does she believe the change of address is achievable, but it could happen as early as February.

“If we don’t receive the 50 percent, we won’t stop. There are other options we will explore,” Wilkerson said, adding that while it could happen as early at Feb. 1, her goal is to have Grayson High School with a Grayson address by the fall of 2017.
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