Mystery of loud boom heard early hours of Thursday morning solved

Many people woke in the early morning hours of Thursday, Dec. 29, 2016 to what sounded like an explosion. By most accounts, it appeared to be around 4:14 or 4:15 a.m. and sounded like it could have been a exceptionally loud clap of thunder, but nobody was really sure. It was raining, but no lightening or further thunder was heard – just that one. It brought about a flurry of activity on social media as everybody tried to figure out just what it was. It was reported on Monroe and Loganville Local News to be heard from Snellville to Watkinsville and everywhere in between.

Some thought it sounded more like a bomb, a blown transformer or maybe a wreck. The fact that it shook homes made many people think that possibly a tree or a large limb in the yard had fallen. What made it all so curious was the fact that, except for the rain, nothing else followed.

Not so strange after all, according to the National Weather Service at Peachtree City. The NWS was on high alert due to some fast moving storms passing through that had the potential to become severe. Adam Baker with the NWS said just one really loud clap of thunder from the storms appears to be what it was and the key was that the storms were isolated, and fast moving.

“It is not all that rare to have one thunder one clap kind of close with a fast moving isolated thunderstorm,” Baker said. “We keep an eye on those storms because they do have the potential to turn severe – and that does happen.”

Baker said there was one storm in the early morning hours, further northeast of the Walton County area, that did some damage, but the one heard at 4:15 a.m. or so in the local area did not appear to do any damage. It did, however, wake up hundreds of people and leave them a little perplexed about just what it was.


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