Loganville to discuss alternative road plan for Huntington Ridge intersection, City Hall move

Last month, a public hearing was held in Loganville to get public input to a couple of temporary plans to alleviate problems experienced on State Route 20 at the entrance to Huntington Ridge. Two alternatives were presented and, after much discussion, a third alternative that was a little of both was suggested. That has now been submitted, by engineering design company Kech & Wood, Inc., to the Georgia Department of Transportation as a temporary alternative to this intersection on S.R. 20 until the two way pairing finally becomes a reality.

The first design submitted had a turning lane on S.R. 20 in the approach to the Huntington Ridge entrance from Highway 78 as a way to cut down on the number of vehicles that are rear ended when they stop to turn into the neighborhood.

Contributed by Keck & Wood, Inc.
Contributed by Keck & Wood, Inc.

Residents in attendance, however, felt this would severely impede the ability for anyone trying to get out of the neighborhood to turn left onto S.R. 20, heading toward Conyers. Also, with the traffic entering the turning lane, it would end up allowing cars to speed up and that would be even more dangerous for anyone attempting to turn left.

“A lot of folks don’t work in Atlanta and that’s the route they take when they head to Atlanta,” Loganville City Manger Bill Jones noted.

The second alternative had the turning lane extending past the entrance to Huntington Ridge, giving vehicles turning left the apportioning to exit the neighborhood into the turning lane and then merge with the traffic.

Contributed by Keck & Wood, Inc.
Contributed by Keck & Wood, Inc.

The third alternative would be similar to the second alternative, but would extend the turning lane at the approach, giving a longer run up to the Huntington Ridge Entrance. This is the proposal that has been submitted to Georgia DOT.

Brian Smith of Keck & Wood said once the project is approved, it would probably take about 12 – 18 months to complete.

“And I don’t think we would have to shut down any lanes. There would not be any lane closures during peak hours,” Smith said.

Other suggestions on improving conditions at this particular intersection, which is second only to Highway 78 at Kroger in traffic accidents in Loganville, included lowering the speed limit or enforcing the one currently in force, possibly putting warning signs up showing the speed that vehicles are approaching and possibly putting signs up asking people to be conscious of their driving.

The Loganville City Council combined work session and December meeting Thursday has an update on this on the agenda. Another item on the agenda is a discussion on the possibility of moving Loganville City Hall to the newly purchased Loganville Elementary School building.

The meeting is at 6:30 p.m. tonight, Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016, at Loganville City Hall on Pecan Street. The public is invited to attend. The full agenda follows.


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