5 Charged in drive-by shootings in Loganville

Five men from in and around the Loganville area were arrested and charged following two drive-by shooting attempts in the Teresa Lane neighborhood in Loganville last month.

According to the incident report from Loganville Police Department, just after 10 p.m. on Oct. 29, multiple shots were heard by officers who were standing in the parking lot of Faith’s Crossing. As an attempted drive-by shooting had been reported on Alexis Court a couple of nights before, officers responded to the neighborhood and were able to block a vehicle attempting to exit the neighborhood. It was occupied by a female driver, a juvenile and three men. It also matched the vehicle identified by witnesses in the previous drive-by attempt. Although the occupants denied having weapons in the vehicle, and claimed that someone had been shooting at them, shell casing and weapons were located in the vehicle. The juvenile was taken to Rockdale Juvenile Detention Center and the other four were arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Charged were Alexia Lavarne Ceasar, 19, of Loganville, who was the driver, and Drentavious Devonte Tiller, 20, Eric Robert Terrell, 18, and Kristyan Oliver Barthelus, 20, all of Snellville. They were booked at Loganville Police Department and transported to Gwinnett County Jail. They have since bonded out.

In the previous drive-by shooting attempt, which happened on Oct. 27, the incident happened at about 8:45 p.m. on Alexis Court. The suspect were gone when police arrived, but bullet holes were found in the garage door of the home as well as in the kitchen, dining room and pantry of another home on Randy Road.


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  • https://jesusforgivesbinladen.wordpress.com Thomas Bartel

    How did they alow them to bond out?

    • Aquila23

      Everyone is entitled to a bond hearing. A court officer (either probation officer or prosecution investigator in some jurisdictions) runs a pre-trial release report on accused for the judge to consider in conjuction with arguments from the prosecutor and defense. One common set of court orders on this type of violent offense is for location monitoring (ankle monitor or home confidment), drug/alcohol screening, and weekly reporting to a probation officer.

      • https://jesusforgivesbinladen.wordpress.com Thomas Bartel

        I am well aware of how the system works. When kids are shooting in the open at no specific target it endangers the community and a judge has the right to deny bond or to make bond so high the people cannot get out. I have had a $750,000 bond one time for defending myself with a knife, so I know how it works.

        • Aquila23

          False assumption: the accssed did have a specific target/targets, on a specific road and are not a dramatic danger to the public in Loganville at large but are an acute and present danger to the citizens in the homes surrounding the target/s home on Alexis Court. Again, location prohibition by court order with ankle monitoring and/or house arrest/home confinement would be a common option.

        • Aquila23

          I would assume the charges are more specific than “shooting in the open at no specific target.” I’m not arguing for or against pre-trial release in this case… just pulling back the curtain on common court system practice.

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