Animal rescue organization from Loganville begins new venture involving Deaf community

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-8-29-28-amWhen Nancy Holdren and Jessie Romer got together 18 years ago, they never imagined that they were destined to embark on a journey to create change on such a broad scale. Not only have they been rescuing animals, many of them old, ill or injured, but they are now about to embark on a whole new venture that will continue their work and at the same time involve the Deaf community.

This new venture is called Five Freedoms Farm. It is a venture that will continue “to care for animals in need in a place that strengthens the Deaf community through its exploration of DeafSpace, entrepreneurship, art, community building, leadership, research and education.” As Deaf interpreters, both these women also have a very close connection to the Deaf community.

Contributed photo
Contributed photo

Read all about their journey to this point and plans for Five Freedoms Farm in the latest issue of Walton Living Magazine. It gives the history of the rescue organization that began as Bliss Animal Haven and tells of the plans for so much more.

For people who want to learn more about the Deaf community and DeafSpace, here are some links to help you do so.

Basic Information on relevant terminology by the National Association of the Deaf


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