New student petition raises objections to LHS dress code

After a student began a petition on registering an objection to the new Internet Policy at Loganville High School, another decided to go that same route to object to the strict dress code, also at Loganville High school. While it didn’t reach the almost 500 that the Internet petition did, there is some consensus among students, particularly female students, that they would like some changes to the dress code. The petition, however, only asked for 100 signatures and it currently only has about 1/3 of those signatures.

The petition, which doesn’t have the name of the originator, claims that the shoulders cannot be shown and shorts or dresses 3 inches above the knee cannot be worn. The complaint is that the dress code discriminates against girls, rendering their education less important than the boys.

“The people behind this claim that the dress code is strict so boys don’t get distracted. What about girls? What about their comfort? Both of these rules mainly apply to girls.Majority of girls are just trying to be comfortable while getting an education, but that has been made almost impossible. The makers of the dress code are implying that they care more about the education of boys then girls. If both genders education was equally important, girls wouldn’t have to constantly worry about making sure their knees and shoulders were covered,” the petition reads. “Girls being constantly self conscious about their clothes keeps them from 100% focusing on their education, while boys can wear almost whatever they wish. Girls have few options in the clothes they can wear without getting ISS. Nike running shorts are out of the question. Those are not flattering in any way, shape, or form, but thighs cannot be shown. Leggings are also way out of the question. If leggings are worn with a t-shirt that covers their behind, nothing can be seen. However, that doesn’t matter and leggings result in ISS. When a girl is sent to ISS because of dress code, they are missing out on a whole day of learning. This again reimplies that a male’s education is valued higher than a female’s.”

Walton County Public School spokesperson Callen Moore said student dress codes are developed at the school level with the assistance of school organizations such as PTSOs and school councils.

“This ensures our dress codes are built with community values,” Moore said. “Each school has a dress code that is very similar and most have not made any major changes in the last few years.”

The petition notes that Archer High School in Gwinnett County has a less strict dress code, and Archer students score better on the SATs than Loganville, going on to draw the conclusion that a strict dress code doesn’t necessarily make for better grades.

“It keeps girls from being comfortable and completely concentrating on their education. Other schools with less strict dress codes have better scores on major tests. The dress code at Loganville needs to be less strict and more reasonable. If the dress code is changed to resemble the rules like Archer has, Loganville will become a better learning environment. Girls will be more comfortable and less self conscious. Test scores should increase,” the petition concludes.

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