Another student weighs in on Internet service to local high schools

By Theodora Sandulescu

In this day and age, society revolves around an intangible technology called wifi. Many depend on wifi to work, learn, and of course browse social media.

This school year, Loganville High School students have experienced what many call “The worst thing Loganville High School has ever done this century; it’s worse than school lunch.” The public wifi that has been in place, available for use by students and staff, has been constrained to only school owned IPads and computers. Therefore, students are unable to access the wifi on their personal devices.

After students were able to crack the password a couple times, the school implemented stronger password security. A petition was even started in no time, with hopes of getting the wifi back; which I believe no administration is going to change their mind on the issue. Students have tried to argue that they need the wifi for contacting their parents, or keeping up with urgent or emergency information,which I agree with, but that applies to only about 5 percent of the school population. Additionally, this is my fourth year in this high school and I’ve noticed that teachers are being far more strict when it comes to having phones out during instructional hours, leaving very little time for even being able to use wifi. As a Senior myself, I am unable to understand how and why students, or teenagers in general, are so deeply attached to an inanimate object. Let’s face it, the main reason the student body wants the wifi back is to: check Twitter when the teacher isn’t looking, have something to do during lunch, and text their best friend in the class next door. Yes, this magical creation allows for opportunities, knowledge, and communication that the “real world” can not wholly contain; however I believe that this “horrible and devastating” enforcement can turn out to be beneficial in the long run. Who knows, maybe people will actually start to participate in school events, learn to communicate more with classmates, and possibly even experience an increase in school spirit.

Regardless, I think people should see this as a challenge, as a way they can step out of their comfort zone and try something new, other than being so attached to their phone all day.

Theordora Sandulescu
Theordora Sandulescu

Theordora Sandulescu is a senior at Loganville High School and a member of Your Local New’s Teen Talk Team.



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  • Andy Cannarella

    Well said. I was brought up that school is your job. When you get out into the world to your real job you just can’t sit around doing social media. I see no reason to have your phone in the class room. Put it down and have a conversation. Kids these days are severely lacking oral communication skills because of prevelance of the smart phone. Leave it in your locker. Parents need to get in touch with you, call the front office. It worked for the last hundred years.

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