Swab event to help find a bone marrow donor for Hunter Ash, 8, scheduled

Hunter Ash, 8, has been diagnosed with XLP Lymphoroliferative Syndrome, a rare genetic disease that only 1 in 1 million people carry. The Walnut Grove Elementary School student is in need of a bone marrow transplant and a swab event has been planned for early September to see if there is anyone who is the correct match to help him beat this challenge.

Hunter Ash, of Walnut Grove, Ga.
Hunter Ash, of Walnut Grove, Ga.

According to Hunter’s mother, Amanda Ash, this is not his first medical challenge, but Hunter has always managed to come out on top. He was born prematurely, weighing only 2.3 pounds and then when he was 4 he was diagnosed with non Hodgkins Lymphoma, but haa been in remission for 3 years. This year he learned he now has another challenge to face.

“He will have to under go more chemotherapy treatments and will need a bone marrow transplant,” his aunt, Carissa Gamble said, adding at the time that they were planning a swab event and she would share those details as soon as they were available. They now have those details.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 9.58.33 PM“We are hosting the swab event on Monday, Sept. 5, 2016 from 5 – 8 p.m. at First Baptist Church of  Loganville,” Gable said. “We will have free food from donations from local restaurants around Loganville. An employee from the Be The Match foundation will be there and we will be giving swab test on site. And also by signing up on the registry even if they are not a match for Hunter, they could be a match for someone else so we are trying to help spread that as well.

First Baptist Church of Loganville is located at 680 Tom Brewer Road, Loganville.

In the meantime, if anyone would like to be tested to see if they could be a donor, they can click on this link to find out how to be tested. Don’t forget to type in Promo Code: HunterAsh so the number of people who sign up in his honor can be tracked. You will be sent a simple swab test in the mail that you then send back in.

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