‘How I see the election’ – the opinion of a Georgia teen

As an upcoming voter, I believe it is my duty as a citizen to vote.  Over 75 percent of teenagers don’t vote or register for the elections, mainly for the simple reason that they just don’t care. When you live in a country where you have the opportunity to put your input in, how can you not exercise your rights as a citizen?

I am currently not 18, but by the time of the presidential election this year, I will be able to vote. At the moment, I periodically keep up with the election and watch a few of the debates, as well as keep up the primary winners.  Personally, I am quite neutral when it comes to politics. However, I am definitely extremely opinionated towards all the candidates.

Truthfully, I think Donald Trump is a complete joke; I would fear for this country if he became president. The way he is treating the entire presidential campaign reflects on who he really is, not only as a senseless person, but as an impractical politician. He constantly avoids important questions, and almost never answers a question completely.  Trump has already clearly shown his negative influence on society and his “followers,” leading them to do absurd acts in his name.  Hillary Clinton, on the other side, is great at lying and campaigning, but she is an absolute distressing politician overall. I feel inspired in knowing that Bernie Sanders is standing up for issues that hit society hard; just like he did when he was younger, as an activist for ending segregation.  In my opinion, as much as I’d like Bernie Sanders to be elected, I understand that most of his political promises will end up being detrimental to America’s economy. By the looks of how things are going in the polls, unfortunately, I believe Hillary and Trump will end up being the two candidates from each party come November.

These are all my personal opinions, and I don’t want to downgrade or offend anyone, because I believe that everyone has the right to their opinion. Nevertheless, I will say this, if you don’t physically vote, sitting behind a computer or lying on the couch and discussing your opinions on the campaign will get you, and this country, nowhere.

Theordora Sandulescu
Theordora Sandulescu

Theordora Sandulescu is a junior at Loganville High School and a member of Your Local New’s Teen Talk Team.


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  • Allison Allen

    I totally agree with all of these opinions!

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