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At the beginning of 2016, Your Local News launched Teen Talk. Teens from the local area will be sharing news, events and conversations that are important to them. Some of them will be first time voters in 2016 and will be able to share their perspective on the presidential campaign as well as local issues that are important to them as the new generation of voters.

A very talented team of students from local high schools has already signed up to bring this platform to Your Local News. As well as the stories, photographs and conversations they will be sharing on Loganville Local News and Monroe Local News, Teen Talk will have its own Facebook Page. We are still actively searching for high school seniors or juniors from any of our local schools. If anyone is interested, please email sharon@monrolocal.org with a short bio on yourself and why you are interested in the new digital journalism.

We already have  introduc talented group of teens who have already signed on, including Loganville High School junior Theodora Sandulescu  and Adoris M. Gibbs, a junior from Social Circle High School.

Today we are introducing Kayla Jones, a junior from Walnut Grove High School. Kayla is interested in broadcasting and photography and has taken classes at WGHS in video broadcasting.

Kayla Jones, Walnut Grove High School. Contributed photo
Kayla Jones, Walnut Grove High School. Contributed photo

My name is Kayla Jones, I am a Junior at Walnut Grove High School and I have lived in Monroe basically my whole life. Some of the things I enjoy are animals, tumbling, photography, and broadcasting. I plan to further my knowledge of Broadcasting and video production in college and hope to one day work in a news studio. Finally, I really love the idea of Teen Talk. It’s a great way for Teens to get involved in the everyday world and put their opinions in on what sometimes we don’t get to give opinions on.

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