Loganville Woman’s Club gives Honorary Lifetime Membership to long-time m

The Loganville Woman’s Club was organized in March 1939.  The club has been an active part of the community for over three-quarters of a century, dedicated to serving the Loganville community.  The Club recently recognized Mrs. Lettie Garner for serving the Club for 33 years with an Honorary Life Membership.

From left, Joyce Frank, Daughter; Lettie Garner; Jan and Larry Garner, Daughter-In-Law and Son. Contributed photo

Listed below is the presentation recited at the most recent meeting outlining a small portion of Lettie’s service, by Michelle Lynch, president of the club.

Lettie Garner and Michelle Lynch, President of Loganville Woman's Club
Lettie Garner and Michelle Lynch, President of Loganville Woman’s Club

In the last few months of the year 1982 there were several firsts that happened in the world.  EPCOT opened its doors for the first time in Orlando.  The first issue of USA Today was published.  And great family shows like Cheers, Knight Rider and Family Ties premiered for the first time.  But do you know what was the best First in 1982?  It was September 1982 when Lettie Garner attended her first Woman’s Club meeting (be sure to look over the archives on the table, you can see notation of Lettie’s first visit).  Lettie, to no surprise, jumped into the Club head first serving as hostess for the Club meeting in December of 1982.  Back in the 80’s hostesses served the Club in the comfort of their own homes.  Occasionally meetings were held in the fellowship hall at Loganville Baptist Church or the Anna Holbrooke Building.  Only 4 years after joining the Club Lettie was elected the 2nd Vice President of the Loganville Woman’s Club (meeting minutes document the slate of officers showcasing her nomination).  You can see from the 1986 archives that along with her duties she also tended to the Yearbook and the Program.  What I found astounding is that Lettie signed up to be the co-hostess for the December meeting.  The meeting was on December 23rd, 1986, at the home of Mrs. Howell, only two days before Christmas!  It takes a very special woman to co-host a meeting only two days before Christmas.  I think she enjoyed it so much that the very next year she co-hosted in December again, on December 22nd of 1987.  And this time she opened her home up for the meeting!  During the May meeting in 1988 Lettie had the pleasure of announcing the Loganville High School recipient for the scholarship.  She served on the Scholarship Committee in 1998.  Can you determine what Lettie was doing on December 20th of 1988?  Yes, you guessed it, she served as co-host for the December meeting at the home of Mrs. Howell.  Lettie continued to serve as the Corresponding Secretary for the Club during the 1990 to 1992 term as well as the following term.  For many years following she served as the Parliamentarian.  With her vast knowledge of gardening, she has been our resident Green Thumb for many years. Lettie is an amazing asset not only to the Loganville Woman’s Club but to the entire City of Loganville.  My life is more enriched because I know her.  On behalf of the Club, I presented to her a plaque signifying our gratitude for years of service to the Club.  We also found that presenting her with a potted orchid may be one of the best gestures we could extend to her with her extensive knowledge of horticulture.  The Loganville Woman’s Club is thankful for her 33 years of dedication and the many years to come.


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