How does music impact your life?

In today’s society, one of the most common phrases you hear is “Music changed my life.”

Photo credit: Theodora Sandulescu
Photo credit: Theodora Sandulescu

How is it though, you may be wondering, that a compilation of beats and lyrics can affect a person more than any physical perception? Not only can music take you back to a set place and time in your life, but it can inspire and uplift you in your lowest times. You can go from singing along with serene tunes to admiring lyrical pieces that blow you away.  Any song can involuntarily crystallize inside you constructing an infinite amount of feelings or thoughts.

Personally, I believe that music creates you as a person; it helps guide your everyday life. Regardless of what genre of music personally inspires you, the certainty of the powerful effect of music in people is unyielding.

How would you say music impacts your daily life? What are your current music tastes and do you think those choices accurately represent your overall persona?

Theordora Sandulescu
Theordora Sandulescu

Theodora Sandulescu is a Loganville High School junior and a founding member of Your Local News Teen Talk team.

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