Lost Long Haired Black And White Cat Suwanee

Hello all! My cat has been missing since Thursday 10/1 when heavy rain began in our area and continued through the weekend. He is an outdoor/indoor cat but is never gone more than 24 hours. He answers to “Chapo” and is big and fluffy with a distinct black spot on his nose. He should have a black collar on with a gold/yellow rabies vaccination tag along with a tag that bears his name and my phone number. I live in Richland off Collins Hill and Taylor road in Suwanee so I think he is in this area. Please keep an eye out for him if you live nearby. Do not hesitate to message me if you think you have seen him. My phone number is 770-789-7917 call or text day or night. He is a tuxedo cat with a white chest and white between his eyes. I’ve attached a few pictures. Thanks!


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