Photo Gallery: Members of Loganville church ‘Thank a Police Officer’

In honor of National Thank a Police Officer Day on Saturday, members of the Summit Baptist Church in Loganville presented officers with the Loganville Police Department with gift certificates and goodies to thank them for their service. They also released blue balloons in memory of any officers nationwide who have lost their lives during their service.

National Thank a Police Officer Day on Sept. 19 was the result of a movement stated by the Whole Truth Project. The Whole Truth Project is an organization with a mission to promote a pro-police message. On the National Thank a Police Officer day, local residents were encouraged to find a way to show appreciation for the police officers who take to the streets daily in an effort to protect and serve their local communities.

Members of LPD bowed their heads as members of the church prayed for them, their families, and their safety, and children stood by with signs that thanked officers for their service. Excited children were then given the opportunity to find out just how much noise a police car can make.

Photo Gallery 

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