Photo Gallery: Wine and Craft Beer Tasting in Loganville

What a difference a decade makes.

Ten years ago, the City of Loganville was divided on whether or not to allow liquor by the drink to be served at local restaurants, alcohol was not served at all on Sundays and nobody would have ever considered the possibility of a package store in the city.

But all that is history.

Loganville Package Store, one of the two package stores in the city, hosted a Wine and Craft Beer Tasting charity event at the Historic Rock Gym, a property owned by the City of Loganville. Attendees were given the opportunity to taste craft beers and wines from all over the world that are available at Loganville Package Store. Distributors were on hand to give information on the different flavors and door prizes were handed out during the course of the evening. Money raised from the sale of tickets goes toward local charities.

Photo Gallery

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