You’re A Native of Atlanta If You Remember…

            It’s been said that there aren’t many native Atlantans left…or are there?                                                                                           


Recently, while cleaning out a closet, I came across a list of 100 things that prove you are a native of Atlanta (going back to its younger days from the 50’s through the 70’s).

Problem is, a few pages were missing. Reading what I had preserved took me down memory lane and I tried to fill in the blanks by adding a few that were not on the page as I am a native of Atlanta, born and raised.

I remember when there was ONE of everything:

 K-Mart, McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, Woolworth’s, and Krispy Kreme.

Back in the day, even if you grew up in surrounding areas, except for Mom & Pop stores, you made a trip either into Atlanta or just outside the perimeter.

There were two ways to see a movie: Drive-in or Fox theater (I actually saw Gone with the Wind there as a child and had nightmares for weeks afterwards).

I remember the day when landmarks were the best way to give directions if you needed to find something. There are 71 streets in Atlanta with a variant of “Peachtree” in their name. You can get to your destination if you understand that the place you’re looking for “crosses or intersects” a street with the word Peachtree in it.

I remember that our cue to go outside and get some playtime in (after cartoons and before dinner) was the commercial jingle for Channel Two News (I still get a visual of those white columns),

“…Next in view, on channel 2!”

Then, I began wondering how many of us are left and thought, “Why not ask Loganville Local readers?”

So, here it is. I have provided the first 25, but I know there are many, many more.

You’re A Native of Atlanta If You Remember…

  • The first Underground Atlanta
  • Ludlow Porch of WSB and Lewis Grizzard
  • McDonalds and Dairy Queen when they were outdoor restaurants (served at the window)
  • Quixie in Dixie (WQXI with Gary McKee and Skinny Bobby Harper)
  • The Popeye Club with Officer Don and Orville the Dragon
  • …that Lenox Mall was originally known as Lenox Square. And who could forget the color coded balls that helped you find where you parked? And for department stores, there was the K-Mart in Clairmont and Treasure Island in Doraville and Richway originally off of I-285
  • Atlanta had three major T.V. channels, 2, 5, 11, channel 8 (public broadcasting) and later added 17 and 36
  • Chief Noc-A-Homa
  • I-20 West ending in Douglasville, and I-20 east in Covington
  • …when Six Flags Over Georgia opened (remember the Spindle top and the Scream Machine being the biggest attractions?)
  • Stone Mountain before the carving was finished (1972) – I remember the first laser show too
  • The first Willie B at the Atlanta zoo (I remember when he died)
  • …The Omni
  • …the ice storm of 1973 (deemed one of the worst in Atlanta history)
  • The Great Southeastern Fair that came once a year (corndogs, cotton candy and coke!)
  • The Hyatt Regency’s blue dome that was the tallest point in downtown
  • The original Herbie Curbie trashcans, milk delivered to the door, and Charlie Chip chocolate chip cookies (also delivered) in the big can
  • …the main three Elementary field trips:
    • The planetarium at Fernbank Science Center, going to milk Rosebud at Mathis Dairy Farms, and your first visit to the Atlanta Capitol (remember the first time you saw that huge gold dome?)
  • …the name of the road that is now Jimmy Carter Boulevard (I grew up in Norcross when it was Norcross-Tucker Road)
  • …the two drive-ins off of I-85. One was NE 85 Expressway Drive-in in Doraville and North 85 Twin off the interstate in Chamblee
  • …Skating at PLAYLAND
  • …eating at Catfish King after church on Sundays
  • Fun Town 
  • Zayre Department Store off of Buford Highway 
  • Colonial grocery store

Now, how many natives do we have left that remember growing up in Atlanta and surrounding areas? If something comes to mind, feel free to add your two cents.

I posted this in a different publication a few years ago and it topped out with 150 comments. Everybody loves nostalgia, especially when it has to do with remembering our childhood. Have fun! 

  • Tammy O.

    I also remember there being some kind of fence between the highway and the highway being two lanes. I wonder if someone can shed some light on that? I was very young but vaguely remember that.

  • Tammy

    Also remember the Wild Mouse ride at Funtown. I remember I couldn’t ride without an adult and thought I was so big when my dad said he’d go with me. Many people remember Storyland, but I don’t have memories of it for some reason.

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