The dangerous allure of Loganville’s rock quarry

The heat of summer in Walton County and the allure of the rock quarry off Anslee Lane in the Loganville area go hand in hand. It is almost a rite of passage for youths in the local area to sneak into the rock quarry and swim in the lake.

It is, however, illegal to do so. Walton County Sheriff’s Deputies routinely have to run kids off, especially during the summer months. There have been several reports in the last few weeks of WCSO having to do just that. There’s a good reason it is illegal. Besides being private property, it is dangerous.

According to, about 20 to 30 people die each year in accidents in abandoned mines or rock quarries in the U.S., mostly by drowning. In 2008, there was a drowning in Walton County’s rock quarry. Eric Hill, 20, of Loganville, drowned after diving off the ledge and into the lake. As reported by WSBTV at the time, his body was recovered two days later. reports that some of these deaths could be prevented if people were just aware of the dangers and obeyed the law on not trespassing. Deep water, steep drop-offs and sharp rocks are just a few of the dangers. As this Youtube Video shot at the quarry shows, it may look like fun, but the dangers are unmistakeable.

It may even seem a little unreasonable for sheriff’s deputies to keep running the kids off – after all they’re just having a little fun, right? But this is dangerous fun, especially when there usually is no responsible adult on site to warn of these dangers. It is likely that parents are not even aware that it is not just like a regular swim in a lake. But as warns, quarries are extremely dangerous places to swim.

Editor’s note: My children, when they were in their late teens, were run off from swimming in this quarry. At the time I had no idea they were there or of the dangers involved. Working the tragedy of Eric Hill, and being on scene when they recovered his body, taught me different. Knowing the dangers, I hate to see the increase in reports of WCSO deputies having to run kids off. I know the YouTube video looks cool, and I appreciate the talent of the people who made it, but my hope is that parents seeing it will be made aware that it really is not just a swim in the lake. There is a good reason the property is closed off to the public.


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  • irateninja

    It is also dangerous to drive a car. We shouldn’t do that either. Live a little people.

  • Mark Hill

    Seeing the comparison of
    driving a car to diving into a rock quarry that is >60 feet deep shows that
    we must do a better job of helping our youth to understand associated risks. If something, anything goes wrong while you are swimming or diving in a rock quarry, there is no contingency. You will most likely die. Eric and I had conversations about that. One just weeks before his death. He was just home from his Freshman year of college and thought that it could never happen to him. He was quite the athlete, but no one is exempt from that kind of danger. Please have fun, but please understand and minimize your risks. Never do things where there is no back up if something goes wrong. I never want your parents to feel
    the pain and agony that I feel right now.


    Mark Hill (Eric’s Dad)

    Please see
    There is a video of Eric diving just moments before his death. You will
    see that it looks remarkably like the video in the article.

  • Melissa Carter

    This article is a little vague as to the dangers of a rock quarry…specifics might help the discussions that need to happen with people that are considering doing this. Why is it so difficult for someone who is drowning to get help? How deep is the water? Are there sharp rocks in the water that someone could hit? To say that one person has died, that it is illegal and that it is dangerous would not keep anyone from jumping in that lake. Also, posting a video like that is only going to encourage those that were thinking about it to give it a try and do it better.

    But I would like to thank Mark Hill for adding to the story by telling of what happened to his son and sharing that he did talk to him about the dangers of the quarry. I am very sorry for your loss Mr. Hill.

  • sswanee1

    Thank you very much for adding that here Mr. Hill. I was told that showing the pain your family would be a better way to warn of the dangers, but I was concerned about doing that. I so appreciate you doing it here. Parents are not aware of the dangers, me included, until the accident involving Eric. Melissa, the links to give much more of the specifics about the dangers. Also, it is private property so nobody should be there.

  • sswanee1

    Thank you also for sharing Eric’s Tribute page with us Mr. Hill. He was obviously a special person and a tremendous loss for your family.

  • dschizzy

    They sure didn’t make this seem any more dangerous or les fun by putting a video of my boys up with an animals as leaders back track.Theyare all adults number one. Number two if you’re a worried parent maybe you should be open enough with your kid to know what they’re doing… instead of being a controlling asshole. Cops always running fun.

  • Brandon daugherty

    Do you have any idea how many times I have been tagged from this article? I went many many times as a late teen and early 20er. I have so many stories about that place it might make your head spin. I am sorry a kid died, but I was sorry for the kid who got shot and died while I was in the ER the other night too. And the kid that died playing sanctioned football, and the kid that died any number of unfortunate ways. The worst thing I ever saw there was a cpl belly flops. And if you honestly, for a single second, believe this is the most dangerous thing your kid does… naive is written on the ceiling. Prevent your kids from doing what you can, and they will keep searching til they find something you can’t. Take your pick.

    • sswanee1

      I appreciate what you say here Brandon, but as a parent it is not responsible to not be aware of the dangers your children face – be it on the road, with guns or in a quarry. It also is your responsibility to warn them of these dangers. It is also your responsibility to let them know that this is private property and they should not be there. If you don’t know either of these things, you can’t do that.

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