Wife arrested in 22-year-old murder in Walton County

On March 1992, Randy Peters was gunned down in his Monroe home. Now, 22 years later, the woman who was his wife at the time has been arrested and charged with his murder.

According to Walton County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Keith Brooks, Linda Agee has been charged with murder in connection with the shooting death of Peters.

In 2006, WSBTV wrote about the case when it was reopened 14 years after the murder. According to WSBTV, Agee, who was the victim’s wife and went by the name of Linda Peters at the time, was a suspect in the case along with a man she reportedly was involved with, Jeffery Sargent. The two got married a year later, just before they were due to testify in front of the Grand Jury and by law could not testify against each other. A pond near Sargent’s place of work was dredged in hopes of finding the murder weapon, a shotgun, but it was never recovered, WSBT reported.

Peters was the father of young twins at the time of his murder. WSBTV report that his wife went to Peters’ parents home on the night he died, telling them that her husband appeared to be in trouble. Peters father went to the home and found his son dead. Peters wife said she saw a shadowy figure, but the case has gone unsolved until today.

Brooks said that Agee was arrested in Gwinnett County just after 5 p.m. Friday, April 25, 2014 with the help of the Gwinnett County authorities.

“She is in Walton County Detention Center charged with felony murder and malice murder, with no bond,” Brooks said. “Sheriff Joe Chapman rebuilt and spearheaded this investigation. He hired a special investigator and we’ve been working on it since 2010. We’ve anticipated an arrest and we’re glad that the District Attorney was prepared to go forward with it.”

Brooks said they are just glad that they were able to bring about an arrest to at least give some sort of closure to the family.

“They’ve been waiting for it for 20 something years – I’m glad we were able to do it for them,” Brooks said, adding that at this time no other arrests are anticipated. “But it is an ongoing investigation.”

(Editor’s Note: A charge does not constitute a conviction. This subject has been charged with but not convicted of this crime)


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  • J_Martin

    “We’ve anticipated an arrested”…Really? Maybe they anticipated an arrest?

  • sswanee1

    Thank you so much for pointing that out. I guess late night reporting really needs a copy editor – thanks for stepping up. :)

  • Mike Taylor

    anyone know where the home was located?

    • Jeff Baker

      It was in Monroe
      I know some of the family and was there the night after the murder

      • sswanee1

        Jeff, could you please email me at sharon@monroelocal.org and let me have your contact information.

  • sswanee1

    Not sure where the murder took place Mike, but I will check. Agee was arrested somewhere in Gwinnett County though.

  • Jeff Baker

    The family has suspected this since the beginning. I am very happy that a resolution to this case is underway. It is unfortunate it has taken this long.

  • Fozziebare

    My family and I were the first ones to rent this home shortly after Randy’s murder from Linda. Everyone kept saying she was involved and her boyfriend (an exterminator if I remember correctly) had been the one who did it. I also recall that when they tried to take the wife to court her new boyfriend and she got married the night before so they couldn’t testify against each other. I wouldn’t swear to any of this information as I was in high school and mostly listening to gossip in a small town but that’s what I remember hearing.

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