City of Loganville goes high tech

Want to know how to get to the closest park in Loganville or what events are taking place in the city on any given day? Want to report that pothole in Loganville that you just ran over? Yes, you guessed it, there’s now an app for that.

app1The City of Loganville has become one of the very few cities in the state of Georgia to have it’s own iPhone application.

“We’re officially introducing the city of Loganville’s iPhone application,” Jones said at Thursday’s City Council meeting, going on to explain all the features the city’s app offers. “It has all the city officials and all their pretty pictures. You can click on them and email then and, as soon as we get it worked out, you will be able to phone them from it.”

The app has information about City Hall and the various departments, the parks and rental facilities that the city has as well as information about the schools and the utilities. Other sections include local weather, a calendar, a news feed and a place where you can report issues direct to the relevant department.

app3“It tells you all of the facilities we have. If you click on a map it will tell you where you are and it will give you directions right to where you want to go – so it is all pretty much interactive there,” Jones said, adding that when you go to events it tells you all that is going on in the city.

“The other side of it – there’s a section at the bottom that will give you the weather report,” Jones said adding it also has the calendar that gives all the information about events that are going on in the city at any given time.

app2“Right now we have the Groovin on the Green concerts,” Jones said. “If you have a question about an event, you can scroll down and it will tell you when it is. On issues, you can tell us about your issues, you can tell us about an abandoned vehicle, you can tell us about overgrown grass,” Jones said, adding that you can send the information direct from the phone. He said if you run over a pothole, you can stop, take a picture with your phone and send it directly to the city.

“The last piece is a newsfeed that ties into Facebook and Twitter and all these social things that everybody’s so into,” Jones said. “That is the application. It is currently on the Apple iPhone and you can load it from your iTunes or your apps store. I think we’re about about a week and a half away from having it on your Android and later on in the year we expect to have it on Windows.”

Councilman Mark Kiddoo said he believes that the city of Duluth in Gwinnett County is the only other city in Georgia to have this smart phone app.



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