Who Let the dogs out?

Spring is here, Love is in the air.  What does this mean in the world of animals? If you own a pet that has not been fixed it means your pet may run off and you will be out searching for them. Spay and neutering your pets, without question lowers the risk of flight by your pet. Out of the nearly 200 animals I have been involved with reuniting, I can tell that close to 70 percent were not fixed and sadly that number is almost as high for pets not being Microchipped.

So what are you waiting for? I have come in contact with hundreds of distraught owners whose pets have run off.  I have felt the pain of those owners who never found their pet or were found deceased.

Yes love is in the air and that means the risk of flight right now for your unfixed pet is high! Even the pet that never leaves your side, will for the chance of love. Nowadays, every county has spay/neuter clinics and microchip clinics. Microchipping ranges from $15 to $35 and fix clinics range from $35 to $60. If you love your furbaby and want to keep them safe and for a long  life of love please consider these options to ensure good health and to ensure your furbaby is not going to run off looking for a mate. I often get pictures sent to me of deceased beautiful fur babies, it is disheartening. Let us break the cycle.

As an animal advocate I daily come in contact with frantic dog owners searching for their lost dogs. sadpup

Because I search for them in shelters and online ads, I see the alarming growth spurt of the shelters filling up with pets, not strays, that have wandered beyond their county lost in, sometimes not found by their owner and sadly don’t make it out. What can you and I do to help end this cycle? Why do dogs have the urge to run? One of the biggest reason is looking for a mate. With all the local clinics that are available that offer low-cost spay and neuter, and some even offering free for low-income families, there is help for you! There is even free spay and neuter on pit mixes in Walton county. It is confusing and disheartening why more people do not take advantage of these amazing services. Spaying /neutering doesn’t only stop the urge to run off looking for a mate but had amazing health benefits as well. The breakdown Good for your pet.

  • Spaying or neutering your pet can decrease the risk of diseases that are expensive to treat.
  • Pets that are spayed or neutered have up to an 85% lower risk of certain types of cancers and other serious health complications.
  • Animals that are fixed make better companions because they are not motivated to wander in search of a mate.

Good for you Eliminate annoying behavioral problems.

  • Altered animals are significantly less likely to mark or spray urine.
  • Female animals in heat can cry incessantly, act nervous and attract males from all around. Having your pet spayed eliminates the heat cycle.
  • Animals that have been spayed or neutered are less likely to bite, roam or get into fights.

Good for our community A compassionate society knows there is a better way to solve over population than needlessly euthanizing unwanted animals.

  • Communities spend millions of dollars to control unwanted companion animals.
  • Spaying and neutering helps reduce the number of strays and unwanted animals in our community.
  • Unintentional breeding is the root cause of most vicious dog bites and attacks.
  • Spaying or neutering reduces an animal’s desire to roam, resulting in fewer traffic accidents and neighborhood complaints of nuisance animals.

Let us work together to keep our fur babies safe, and healthy. Helpful Tips Tags

  • Please make sure all your fur babies have current tags on them with the most up to date contact into.
  • Places like Wal-Mart and Petsmart have machines to make on the spot tags.
  • If your animal has a medical condition make an additional tag with that information including medications listed.


  • Its affordable and ensures in the event your pet is ever lost and is put into a shelter, It will be returned to you!

 Spay and Neuter Clinic Free fix a bull at Paradox 12 free spots open by appointment only http://www.paradoxspayneuter.com/fixabull.html Spay and neuter clinic with financial assistance available http://www.paradoxspayneuter.com/ Financial Aid for spay and neuter http://www.wagwalton.com/WAG_Spay_Neuter_Program.php Pound Puppies N Kittens http://www.ppnk.org/ Pet Food Bank Assistance If you live in Walton County, you can go to Faith in Serving Humanity (F.I.S.H.) and ask them, Walton Animal Guild does a food pantry to help residents with dog food WAG Pet Food Pantry – Many pet owners are struggling to keep their pets fed in a challenging economy. To help keep families together, WAG has partnered with F.I.S.H. a local non-profit food bank, to provide pet food for pet owners in need. For info about food availability, contact FISH at (770) 207-4357 or visit 700 S. Madison Avenue, Monroe, GA. WAG funds food purchases each month for the pantry. Donations drives are a great way for students or organizations to help both animals and people in our community. Contact us at (770) 207-1896 for more info about this type of community project.  

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